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Is it really worthy to buy a Xiaomi Redme 1S ?


In recent years, there has been so much of competition in Mobile phones market and we can see several new brands from countries like China emerging to be very successful dominating over existing legacy US and European brands. Chinese mobile manufacturer Xiaomi is one of the fastest growing Mobile phone manufacturer and it recently made it to top 5 mobile phone manufacturers in the world. Among various models of Xiaomi phones, the most successful ones are the Redme series. Even in that too the most astonishing one is the Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

The very first thing that would surprise people is the price at which this phone comes for the various loads of features its offers. It is an Android based phone and has some cool looks and for its price xiaomi redmi 1s can be considered to be more than reasonable or even cheap which makes mobile phone buyers think other mobile phones of different brands that come with same set of features as that of Xiaomi Redmi to be over priced.

Some of the aspects of this phone which could make users feel great value for money are its feather touch, simple and neat design, user friendly, supports 3G, amazing camera and good screen resolution.