Friends Came from Many Cities Away to Help Us Celebrate

My fiance and I were engaged for five years before setting a date for the actual ceremony. Friends often questioned that because they thought that meant something was wrong with our relationship, but it has always been quite the opposite. We get a long great and are perfect for one another, but we were simply busy with school and work and knew that marriage could come later. When we finally announced that we set a date, my friends decided to throw a party for us. They had funny gag gifts that they gave us like sex toys and other things like that.

Neither my fiance or I are much into parties, but our friends were so excited that we were finally getting married that we said okay to a celebration. Many of our friends live in other cities and are busy with their own families, so we do not often have a chance to get together. A party would be a welcome excuse for that!

We decided to make an entire weekend of celebration since so many people would be coming in from out of town. We reserved 20 different rooms at a nearby hotel that has a swimming pool, two nice restaurants, tennis courts, etc. There are a lot of things to see and do in the area, so we made up a list that we could hand out to everyone when they showed up so that they would know that if they wanted to get away for a bit or go with a group of friends to explore locally, they could do so with the list pointing out some great places nearby.

The party was a success. There were a lot of people who showed up, and we ended up needing more rooms than the ones we reserved. There was a lot of laughter, tears, hugs, smiles and good stories all throughout the get-together.