Compiling Shopping ‘Wish List’ Videos with the Movavi Software


How often have you been out shopping or browsing through websites online and come across a product that you felt you absolutely must own but couldn’t afford? If so – do you have a wish list that you added it to?


Most people tend to keep their wish lists in their heads, but wouldn’t it be neat to compile a ‘wish list’ video that contains all the items you want to buy at some point but can’t just yet? That way you could go over it and actually ‘see’ the product once more to remind yourself why you wanted it.


30Make no mistake, there are many ways to compile a shopping ‘wish list’ video – and the good news is that the Movavi software ( covers all of them. The two methods you should consider are:


  • Photo slideshows

Probably the ‘easier’ option, creating a photo slideshow is a neat and flexible way of compiling a wish list video. All you need to do is snap pictures or take screenshots of the items you want and then compile them into a slideshow using the Movavi Slideshow Creator. If you want you could add stylish transitions and background music too – just to spice up your video a little.


  • Video compilations

By recording video of the item that you want to buy or using screen capture to grab video footage directly from your screen, you can then create a video compilation wish list. Odds are you’ll need to edit the videos slightly to merge them and get rid of unwanted footage, as well as add background music and other finishing touches. The Movavi Video Suite is the best option for this.


While creating a photo slideshow may be easier initially, a video compilation gives you the ability to see certain items ‘in action’ which is a nice little advantage. Also because the Movavi software is so intuitive and user-friendly in general you will be able to create video compilations on the fly fairly quickly and effectively once you familiarize yourself with it and how it all works.